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What we do


In the war for technical talent, our objective is to help ambitious engineering teams achieve their goals by finding the right talent. Project-based staffing is executed through payroll consultants or freelancers. If necessary, permanent staffing is implemented for specific roles. 

We are committed to searching thoroughly and with an experienced eye for quality. After we have found the right match, we continue to invest in our consultants by providing them with training (BA4, VCA, Atex, PM, …) that allows them to perform at their full potential.


We provide advisory services for industry, energy, and construction companies in transition towards a sustainable future. We think along with our clients based on their needs and deliver concrete proposals. 

Our specialized consultants offer a wide range of technical expertise in strategic challenges, project management, set-up standardization, and process optimization. 

Our extensive knowledge covers production efficiency, energy supply, HSEQ matters, green and brown fields. From the research & design phase to plant maintenance, Catalay is ready to assist you and happy to be part of the outcome.


We aim to be the best home for engineers in a positive and vibrant work environment and that includes being committed to creating a continuous learning culture. 

As Catalay is part of Sisu, we have access to a wide range of training in multiple domains, ranging from project management to creating a performance culture. 

We also organize peer-to-peer learning sessions through our consultants’ network for Atex training, ISO certifications, and to discuss industry trends & innovations. This method enables us to assess current competencies in specific domains and develop learning & development tracks for our internal teams and our clients.

Our areas of expertise



Continuous investments are necessary to keep up with the high worldwide demand for products and goods. This demand increase is generating a lasting need for expertise within project methodologies, quality, processes, safety, and supply chain. 

Within our domain we focus on: – new plants, expansion of new production lines – expansion & adjustment of the current production process – debottlenecking & demolition – management of change (MOC) – reliability – installation improvements

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