Speed Mentoring 2019

Save the date and participate to our Speed Mentoring Event on 27th March 2019 ! We would like to invite future graduates during the afternoon to exchange with real experts in your field of(...)See More >

27 Mar 2019

New Year's Party 2019

Why not organizing a new year's party in Ghent ? We had a magical evening in one of Flanders’ most beautiful cities, Ghent. In the historical center of the city we arranged a gastronomic(...)See More >

18 Jan 2019

Let's Race - Karting Event

Catalay challenging racing event ! We took the wheels to have fun together! An amazing pilot team has been revealed that night. For some, a first time and others a child's(...)See More >

29 Nov 2018

Race Against Nature 2018

Together, we have met the challenge of Race Against Nature 2018, #spartacusseries. It's a 10 km race with no less than 30 obstacles, in a team, for beginners and more adventurous. A beautiful(...)See More >

07 Oct 2018

Let's discover Brussels

We have spent a magical evening in the historic center of Brussels ! The program during this evening was Beer tasting, a typical Belgian dish followed by a walk in the heart of the city. The(...)See More >

27 Sep 2018

20km’s of Brussels 2018

A wonderful sporting challenge this year to excel as a team. Did you know that the first 20 km race took place in Brussels on June 8, 1980 and had 4659 runners. Over the decades, this race has(...)See More >

27 May 2018

After-Work Season 2018

Every year, at Catalay, we propose at our team members various team-buildings. It's for us a special occasion to get closer and learn more about professional and personnal goals of each person(...)See More >

24 May 2018

New Year's Party 2018

Every year is a new step forward for the whole Catalay team! We try to create unforgettable moments. Since the beginning in 2010, we evolved to a strong family structure where people feel part of(...)See More >

26 Jan 2018

Golf initiation 2017

Our company spirit is based on innovation, unity and have fun! At Catalay, we propose every year, new activities around sports, it's still the best way to share with all members team. This(...)See More >

06 Oct 2017

Escape Room Party 2017

End of the year activity To celebrate together our New Year's party, at Evertys we choose to renforce our group skills! The Escape Hunt! The concept is simple: we were locked in a(...)See More >

20 Jan 2017

Teambuilding in ROMA 2016

Wonderful and sunny teambuilding in Roma! Thanks to all the participants! Do you feel like being present to the next international teambuilding? Follow us on Linkedin and Facebook for more(...)See More >

20 Oct 2016

20km’s of Brussels 2016

Every year this wonderful event takes place at the end of May. The track of 20km’s right through brussels is very tough and with a lot of obstacles. Only for experienced runners! Besides(...)See More >

25 Apr 2016

Master chef cooking 2016

Catalay participated in a master Chef cooking experience! When: 15th of April 7.30 pm. Where: MMMMH! Brussels The introduction was given by one of the Chef’s at Mmmmh! Scope: 2(...)See More >

15 Apr 2016

New Year's Party 2016

Our New Year’s party took place at the Fou chantant in Uccle. Catalay and its sister company hired the complete restaurant to invite its teammembers + partners. The restaurant Fou Chantant is(...)See More >

22 Jan 2016