About us

Catalay is a Belgian engineering company with its headquarters located in Brussels. The central location of the company allows managing the activities in Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and Germany.

Since its establishment in early 2010, Catalay has experienced constant and stable growth. During this period we built a solid reputation on the Belgian market and have formed alliances with several major companies present in the fields of energy, industry, construction, infrastructure.

Offices Brussels, Belgium

Our organizational structure allows us:

  • to be entirely flexible;
  • taking fast optimal decisions;
  • having a complete business overview,
    from A to Z.

Thanks to Catalay's multidisciplinary teams; we can fulfill any particular customer's needs in a very personalized approach. We have access to a wide range of consultancy projects within the Benelux market and beyond, due to our extensive experience and multiple partnerships with major companies.

Meet the internal team!

Behind this strong human oriented company you will find a devoted team who will assist you all the way. Together with all of our employees, our ambassadors we push this company forward. Human and personal contact is what drives us. Come and meet our internal team!




The key of our success is communication. We strongly believe a transparent communication is essential for the daily management of the social relations in Catalay. Moreover, mutual confidence allows us to focus on long term collaborations with our people and customers.
Thanks to our horizontal organizational structure, there is a direct liaison between commercial and technical departments. Interventions are handled without losing time in a direct, efficient and professional manner. 



At Catalay everybody works together as a team. Even if our collaborators have different backgrounds, we unify our strength to build relationships to create long term partnerships with our customers and collaborators. 


Our approach is straight forward and is based on a result proven structure, allowing us to achieve the best results.

  • We focus our efforts in an efficient recruitment of candidates.
  • We listen and understand our customer's requirements
  • We anticipate, react and offer a quality service fulfilling our customer's needs.
  • We offer effective solutions and optimize results.


Our versatile structure and human size allows Catalay to combine the dynamism of an experienced company together with a large diversity of services. Catalay offers a personalized collaboration adapted to the needs of its partners acting as consultant on national and international level.

Vision & mission statement

Since our existence we deliver a strong human approach to our collaborators and clients. We consider each one of you as unique to develop a promising and meaningful career within our organization.

Quality of work, transparency in communication, respect to each other and well-being in life are values who define our company on a daily basis.

Catalay offers

Catalay offers a range of challenging projects and valuable expertise, attracting people as well on national and international level acting locally.

Catalay is quality

Catalay is defined as a quality label; our team is made of professionals with a strong know-how, attitude and skills necessary to assist our customers passionately in their day by day operations..

Catalay speaks

Catalay speaks the language of the working area; therefore we are the preferred partner in the industry...

Catalay forms

Catalay forms a strong familiar community where people identify themselves with.