Areas of expertise

Catalay is operating in challenging environments where expertise in particular fields is often indispensable. Nevertheless we seek to find synergies within those different markets and clients we do business with. We approach and surround ourselves by professionals having a strong interest in our company’s modus operandi directly linked to the various projects in different sectors, achieving and obtaining continuously relevant expertise. We have been for the last 8 years a constantly learning organization which results in offering our clients a waiver of services and know-how which will help them reaching goals in various sectors:



The next decades Belgium as well as the other EU countries has a tremendous responsibility in ensuring the increasing demand of power, while on the other hand reducing the environmental and ecological footprint.

Significant investments will face us to make this transition in energy technologies possible. Coming from a classical power system model countries and governments will need to reconfigure their ways of power generation, redefine distribution networks and optimize electricity grid management.


Catalay promotes itself as a partner and assists its clients in the energy sector to:

  • Reduce environmental negative effects (CO2 emissions)
  • Increase of production (power, gas, water)
  • Lowering down costs
  • Managing peaks
  • Optimize life cycle performance to achieve maximum
  • energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Decommissioning

Sectors in which we operate: renewable energies, nuclear, power, oil and gas


Continuous investments are necessary to keep up with the strong worldwide demand of products and goods. This increase of demand is generating a strong need for expertise within project methodologies, quality, processes, safety and supply chain.

Within the industry we assist on various sectors starting from the feasibility of a project to final product or project realization.
Catalay offers intellectual services to define, study, manage, design & draw, build and test projects before handing them over to production or to place in execution. We sustain innovation on the complete product and project life cycle.


Several sectors where Catalay is active:

  • Life sciences: Process for the production of medicines and pharmaceutical equipment, validation and quality
  • Automotive Design: industrialization, manufacturing and supply chain of materials.
  • Railway: development and engineering of control operations and signaling projects, rolling stock application
  • Aeronautics: Design, industrialization, manufacturing and supply chain of materials.


Catalay is involved in several construction projects on national territory starting from scratch towards a complete realization of the project.

We assist our clients on several infrastructure projects improving the daily mobility, sustainable development and optimization of social welfare. We seek partnerships with project owners, engineering offices and contractors.



The role of engineering in the construction sector is becoming increasingly important regarding to sustainable development.

Support for sustainable construction has become a key to enable cost savings of design and construction while remaining "the most green for the environment."

Low-energy construction and various technologies are implemented designed to minimize energy costs such as: heating, water, sanitary installations, lightning, ventilation, isolation, etc...

We deal with top enterprises in the field of:

  • energy efficient and environmental construction/design of buildings
  • construction of new buildings
  • optimization of office spaces
  • renovation
  • maintenance


Mobility in Europe is growing fast. Governments are investing heavily in new highways, railway, airports, bridges and tunnels to keep up with the increasing use and demand.

Together with our customers we are directly involved in infrastructure projects. To meet the growing mobility needs, sustaining our clients we develop solutions that respect the environment and increase the comfort level of our society. We assist our customers in delivering the right competences to give an answer to the complex mobility issues facing our future.

Starting from feasibility studies, budgeting, design, conception, complete execution (A to Z) with finally reception of the site.


We are living in a constantly changing and growing society where speed, reliability and constant availability of data and quality is a fact.

The demand of new features and gadgets is increasingly fast.

In the field of (high) technology, we collaborate with our clients to develop:

  • Spatial equipment
  • Telecom equipment
  • Automotive systems
  • Geographical positioning systems
  • Defense R&D

Catalay strengthens the design and manufacturing of electronics to:

  • Meet the reputation of technologies for best performance, such as high speed technologies.
  • Be sturdy and durable. This leads to a better life cycle of materials and energy savings.
  • Interconnect with existing networks.
  • Development of innovative features.
  • Guarantee comfort and security.

The new information - and communication technologies include innovations in features, storage volume and speed of information processing.

We support the process that improves optimally products, services, etc. and changes products and equipment radically. These activities will in the future more than likely have a strong impact on the way we live.

Catalay is also active in the development of prototypes. Since there is a first product, a creation, it is very important to perform accurate feasibility studies as well as to deliver a promising high quality advice.

Starting from specs we define architecture, meet kpi’s, develop and constantly test where finally we assist in releasing the project. The result will be a prototype developed in an optimal environment ready for (mass) production. Development means progress!

Know How

Study Office, R&D, Engineering

Engineers or designers working in the study office or R&D department have a strong interest in technical aspects, calculations and design.

  • Calculation and modeling
  • Development and programming
  • Definition of Algorithms
  • Writing of specifications
  • System analysis
  • Pure Design
  • QA
  • Structural analysis

Expertise fields :

  • Automatisation
  • HV en LV applications
  • HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Construction / Infrastructure
  • Electronical development / programming


We define this section to professionals who are often interested in the operational side of projects. Our experts are responsible for taking care of the organization, planning, follow-up and respect of the site. The following responsibilities we find often back on our projects:

  • Follow up the execution of projects
  • Quality control of the site
  • Definition and/or respecting budgets
  • Creating and follow up planning
  • Participation in meetings (kickoff, toolbox, security etc)
  • Excellent understanding of technical equipment (electrical, mechanical, civil works)
  • Good communication with stakeholders (suppliers, client, internal team, study office, etc)
  • Administration and organization

Catalay's projects are often complex where our people need to be hands-on, security minded and able to take decisions

Project Management

Project management is used in various projects as a quality guideline with "best practices" in:

  • Feasibility studies and analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Design, calculations and simulations
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Executing the project
  • Monitoring and controlling
  • Closing and reception

These different processes require a high level of technical expertise and background in order to obtain a general view and understanding of the concerned project. Using project management goes together with diplomacy, negotiation skills and people management.

Lots of these best practices we encounter in most of Catalay's projects.

Project management

Realizations – Projects

Some of our ongoing projects:

Engineers or designers working in the study office or R&D department have a strong interest in technical aspects, calculations and design.

  • Delivering technical expertise in the field of “Nuclear waste” and dismantling of a nuclear power plant.
  • Design of drilling techniques used in the oil and gas sector
  • Project leading within electrical infrastructure
  • Management of several rail infrastructure projects.
  • Planning to build a new transport network.
  • Energy supply in respect with environmental standards.
  • Waterways and sewer systems
  • R&D Development in the defence sector
  • Creating new concepts in navigation systems